For Lost Times

I can hear the screaming and shouting coming from your mouth right now.  I know I’ve been pretty absent from posting but I can explain! I’ve been busy snapping flicks and exploring so that I can bring to you my very second post 🙂  It’s not about quantity it’s about quality 😉  In actuality I’ve been super busy with my internships and after sitting in front of the computer for 9 hours a day, a girl needs to rest her precious eyes a little.  Any who, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite places so far in the city.  Since we’ve last blogged together, I’ve been exploring the big apple every minute I get the chance.  As I’ve been exploring, I have fallen in love with a very special borough in N.Y.  Call me picky but I LOVE Brooklyn.  It’s honestly like no place I’ve been before.  The scenery, the eclectic vibes, the people, the shops…the list goes on.  Totally my type of neighborhood and I’m literally visiting there every week. I die for the view looking over the city at Brooklyn Bridge Park!  Such a cool, peaceful, and free place to go just to unwind and enjoy a great view! My favorite restaurant so far in Brooklyn is Peaches.  Located in Bedstuy, this quaint, cozy, hole-in-the-wall restaurant is full of great food, cheap drinks, and charming conversations.  I felt like I knew everyone there and the food was to DIE for!  The last time I visited I enjoyed a blackened catfish sandwich and a Bed Stuy Love Affair cocktail 🙂  Don’t worry folks I’m of age!

Another place you can’t drag me out of is the Lower East Side, LES for you all New Yorkers out there.  I LOVE the Lower East Side.  Ok maybe not as much as Brooklyn but there definitely neck and neck.  To get a little culture, diversity, and to see some people my age…I head down to 14th Street and Union Square.  Literally as soon as you hop off the train, your greeted by skateboarders, street artists, cyclists, students, Chess players, fashionistas…you name it, it’s all at Union Square.  I really enjoy taking my camera down to the LES  just to capture random street moments.  I’m truly intrigued by all the hipsters and artists I see when heading down to the cool side 😉  One of my favorite things to do when in LES is to go vintage shopping.  The village is filled with neighborhood boutiques and cute vintage shops suiting my intern pockets very well.  3 shops you MUST visit are Grey Era, AuH2o, and Metropolis.  I like to visit Grey Era when I’m looking for a one-of-a-kind piece.  Something hand-knitted, hand-painted type of thing. AuH20 is my FAVE out of the three only because I can get the biggest bang for my buck here.  Known as a “thriftique”, AuH2O’s price range doesn’t exceed $50.  It’s a pretty small shop so I recommend a visit at least once a week to see what’s new in the store.  I’m a vintage tee junkie so I adore the rocking Metropolis.  If you’re looking for that grudge, biker/hipster look, this vintage shop is the place to go!  The ladies section of the shop is pretty much composed of cut-off shorts, vintage tees (my favorite!), vintage jackets, and tons of shoes!  I never keep secrets…below I listed the addresses of my favorite spots in the village!

Grey Era

435 East 9th Street


84 East 7th Street


43 3rd Ave

Did I make up for my absence?  I’ll make sure to keep you in my loot more often 😉

     Until next time,

        Britt  ❤


Bring it on Big Apple.

Well hello world! My name is Britt, I’m a current senior at Marist, spending my fall semester in the best city in the world! NYC! Studying Fashion Merchandising, I am interning right on 5th Avenue at FURLA and Caravan Stylist Studio. I’m super excited to share with you all of my many adventures, cool experiences, great shopping trips, and chic restaurant runs. Sit back and enjoy the ride as I take over the Empire state!

Prior to starting our first week at our internships, the programs’ leaders treated us to a fun day out in the city. First stop…Madame Tussuad’s House of Wax, including some of my fave celebs such as Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, and The Spice Girls. We all enjoyed the museum as we walked around and took pictures with our favorite celebrities. After getting a bit of exercise we enjoyed a great and very fulfilling lunch at the infamous Carmine’s. Located in Times Square, the legendary restaurant is known for its Italian MASSIVE family style portions. As we pigged out enjoying manicotti, shrimp scampi, and chicken marsala, we had great conversation amongst each other and our advisors. I look forward to documenting the next few months of adventures with my new peers!

Until Next Time,