Movin’ in and Rollin’ Out!

Hey guys! My name is Leah. I am from Windsor, Connecticut and am a senior studying Fashion Merchandising, with a business and product development minor, at Marist College. I will be maintaining this blog over the course of my semester while doing the Marist in Manhattan program here in New York City! So far, the city has not ceased to amaze me. While I have interned here (commuting from Poughkeepsie) and have made various visits, living here is quite a different experience. I am going to begin by giving you a sneak peak into my move in and first day here.

All packed!!

Making the trek from CT was slightly overwhelming. Being a girl with way too many shoes and an overpacking problem did not help my nerves. However, I packed minimally, consolidated my bags and boxes, and packed up the car with my parents to make the drive to the big city. When I got here it was so much easier and smoother than I had ever anticipated. There were carts available right in the lobby for us to move stuff up to our room with, and the check in process to receive my ID card was very easy as well. Everyone was super nice and helpful, which helped me feel much more comfortable. Once my room was settled, I walked around with my parents a bit and explored the area. We walked down to 86th street (not far, just a short walk) and found tons of familiar sites including H&M, Staples, Best Buy, and Panera Bread. This again, made me feel even more at home.

There are 11 of us in the Marist in Manhattan program, including myself. Over the course of the semester you will also be hearing from them and how their experience are going in the city as well. On the first day we all gathered for orientation and then went out into the city. We did some exploring of the subways and then hit Times Square to be tourists for the day. We went to Madame Tussads Wax Museum which was quite an interesting experience. Seeing all these famous people and historical figures as wax statues was something unimaginable. After this we went to Carmines and stuffed ourselves on their amazing food and HUGE portions. We sat around the table and talked and got to know each other. To end our day we also went on a bus tour of the city. This was soo much fun and very entertaining. However, I am keeping these details secret just in case any of you decide to take part in this bus ride. I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

My view on the first night!

The view from my room the first night!

hey there leo!

Just hangin’ with Leo!


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